How to remove dark circles in 2 days

How to remove dark circles in 2 days

Knowing that you can get rid of your dark circles within two days isn’t something miraculous! These under eye circles which make you look dull and tired, all the time, can you easily cleansed and healed. You can, of course, get to a parlour and have a facial or even make yourself look better with makeup. But we have come up with some home remedies which won’t have to let you step out!

Dark circles are small lines which can be easily distinguished with the complexion below it and the complexion of it. It is caused when you have had heavy work hours, sleepless night or other health issues. It is good to try out some of the best ways for healing those dark patches quickly.

Tips to reduce dark circles

Aloe vera

This natural extract has benefits galore, one of them is treated the pigmentation and saggy dark circles under eyes. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties enrich aloe vera helps in providing relief to the dark circles and treats them fast. All you need is some aloe vera extract and massage it under your eyes every night before hitting the bed for 10 minutes Wipe away with a soft cotton pad. You will find effective results in a week.

Green tea bags

For working women who are exposed to working long hours on the laptop might face the issue of having dark circles or irregular sleep can also trigger these ugly saggy bags beneath your beautiful eyes. You can treat them effectively by placing cool green tea bags under your eyes for about 20 minutes and wash your eyes with cold water. Practise this every day in the evening after coming from work. This will instantly soothe and provide relief to your eyes.

Argan oil

This essential oil has been a favourite of several actresses because of its anti-ageing property. It is extremely light and easily absorbs into the skin. Take a little amount of oil and apply it using your ring finger in the dark circle and massage it for 10 minutes. You can do this before sleeping every night. Argan Oil has anti-oxidants and is known to contain Vitamin E which helps in fighting this dark circle problem quite effectively.

Apple cider vinegar

The amazing apple cider vinegar is known to alleviate several skin related problems which also includes reducing pigmentation under eyes. It has minerals, vitamins and enzymes which will help replenish and rejuvenate the under eye region while providing comfort and relief to the under eyes. In a couple of days, apple cider vinegar will help in fading away from your dark circles.

Castor oil

This is yet another effective home remedy to treat the dark circles under your eyes. It helps in rejuvenating and relives the eyes from pain and pigmentation. Take a little bit of castor oil and dip it in the cotton ball, now, swipe it evenly on the affected areas. Wash it off after ten minutes using cold water.

Grape seed oil

Rose water take some amount of grapeseed oil and apply it gently on the dark circle region. The grape seeds are known to contain flavonoids that are quite effective in anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. So, application of this oil every night before sleeping will help you get rid of dark circles.

This is one of the must-have for people suffering from eye irritation or dark circles. Take a few cotton balls and dip them in this heavenly concoction, apply it gently on your dark circles and leave it for some time. Wash it using cold water after 15 minutes. Your eyes will feel rejuvenated and refreshing. It is extremely beneficial anti-oxidant agent

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