‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory Explains How Uncle Benjen Was In The Right Place At The Right Time

Warning: this article contains spoilers from ‘Game of Thrones’. If you’re not up to date, then read on at your own risk…

Benjen Stark is one of those people that pops up just right when you need him. 

On two separate occasions he’s saved one of his nephews’ lives, stopping first Bran and then Jon from being killed by an army of wights. Selflessly, the second time.

In the most recent episode Beyond the Wall, Benjen showed up just as Jon’s situation got dire (one man against a whole undead army). He killed some wights with his swinging ball of fire, sent Jon off to safety on his horse, and stayed back – protesting that there was “no time” – presumably to get killed.

So (probably) bye bye Benjen. We can only imagine that he suffered a fate similar to poor old Hodor, and has been ripped limb from limb by wights.

There’s just one lingering question. How did Benjen know that Jon was in trouble?

When he saved Bran and Meera (just after Hodor had held the door) he explained that the Three-Eyed Raven had sent for him, presumably using some sort of psychic powers just before he died.

Could that be what happened this time?

Redditor ProbablyAPun reckons that it is. He/she thinks that Bran has managed to harness the powers of the Three Eyed Raven, and sent Uncle Benjen when he realised that Jon was in trouble.

“Uncle Benjen coming to save Jon Snow actually makes sense. It’s not just a shitty way to close up his plot line. It’s foreshadowing the fact that Bran has actually learned how to control becoming the Three-eyed Raven. When Benjen comes and saves Bran and Meera, he states that the Three-eyed Raven had sent for him. We can only assume that the original Three-eyed Raven did this through some sort of supernatural communication, which has precedence via Bran communicating with Hodor. So, somehow, Bran learned how to communicate with him using his powers, and sent him to save Jon.”

It’s an interesting theory, and one that does succeed in making Bran at least a little bit more interesting… Sure, he’s not using his new Three Eyed Raven powers to sort out the quarrel between his sisters Sansa and Arya, but maybe he’s using them to save his brother (who, by now, Bran probably knows is actually his cousin) from an almost certain death.

Either way, RIP Benjen. You did a great job of keeping your nephews safe.

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