Police Are Investigating If A White Supremacist Attack Led To This UVA Employee’s Stroke

An investigation has been opened by the University of Virginia Police Department as to whether an attack by a white supremacist caused a professor on campus to suffer a stroke, reported the Washington Post.

Tyler Magill, 46, who is a DJ for a local radio station and works for the UVA library, joined students on Friday to protest the march and chants by white supremacists. Magill and several students were gathered around the statue of Thomas Jefferson when the supremacists began chanting, “Jews will not replace us.”

Eventually, a fight broke out, and Magill was struck in the neck by a white supremacist carrying a tiki torch.

Three days later, Magill began to experience vision loss and went to the hospital. While at the hospital on Tuesday, Magill suffered a stroke. Magill was placed in the intensive care unit while his friends began raising money to help pay his medical bills.

According to doctors, his stroke was the result of a dissected carotid artery in his neck, which caused blood clots leading to the stroke.

On Thursday, a university spokesperson revealed the police are investigating if the blow from the torch caused the stroke.

“The University of Virginia Police Department is aware of the incident you have mentioned and has opened a criminal investigation into it. Since it is an active investigation, we are not able to make any further comment,” spokesperson Anthony de Bruyn said in an email.

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