Police: Woman posts Snapchat video of herself being raped

A man is blamed for assaulting his inebriated stride granddaughter after she posted a video of the charged strike to Snapchat.

James Allen, 77, was arrested and accused of assault on Tuesday morning in Marblehead, Ohio.

Authorities claim Allen had drawn in with undesirable sexual conduct with his 20-year-old step- granddaughter that day.

Police in Danbury Township said they were alarmed to the incident when a friend saw the asserted assault over Snapchat and called police.

Allen had utilized the young lady with liquor the night already, police claim.

According to a report reaching us by Daily Mail,  Danbury Township Police Chief Michael S. Meisler said they were called by a friend, living in Texas, of the unnamed woman and asked police to perform a welfare check on the woman.

Police then went to the residence located on the 2000 block of S. Emerald Shore Drive and Allen opened the door around 1am.

Meisler said at the time of the house visit, police had no knowledge of the alleged assault.

Allen then took the officers upstairs to the woman’s room, who was seemingly impaired but otherwise fine. Meisler said Allen was also impaired but okay.

The friend from Texas contacted police again, this time around 3.45am, saying he saw video on Snapchat that appeared to show a sexual assault.

Authorities claim Allen had engaged with unwanted sexual conduct with his 20-year-old step-granddaughter that day. They claim he plied her with alcohol. Pictured: The neighborhood block where the incident took place

Meisler said the video showed sexual conduct that was unwanted by the woman, who protested against the encounter several times.

Meisler explained that the young woman’s biological grandmother had remarried Allen and the victim was staying with the couple at the time of the incident.

Ottawa County Prosecutor James VanEerten says he believes the video clearly shows a sexual assault taking place.

He said it’s unclear whether the young woman live-streamed the attack or posted the video shortly afterward.

Meisler added that it is still being investigated if the video was recorded accidentally or on purpose.

Officials determined Allen was the suspect in the video and returned to the house to arrest him. Allen is being held on a $1 million bond.

James Allen, 77, was arrested on a rape charge Tuesday, the day a Snapchat video of an alleged rape was posted. Allen is being held on a $1 million bond

He appeared in court Wednesday and told a judge he didn’t have an attorney but plans on hiring one.

The woman was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center in Sandusky and released.

VanEerten urged those who received the disturbing video to immediately delete it.

He added to The Blade: ‘It’s obviously horrific, but at least it allowed us to put a stop to the situation and make a quick arrest in this case.’


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